Ark of the Covenant Wood Replicas Referrals and Testimonials


Actual Emails from People that have Received one of our Ark of the Covenant Replicas!


Actual Referrals and Testimonials from People that have purchased one of Our Wood Ark of the Covenant Replicas for their Ministry, Church, Lodge or Home!

Scott & Nancy, The Ark arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful. Everyone loves it. God bless you both for this labor of love.

(REV. WB - GA)

Nancy, my ark is beautiful and a true piece of art. Once again thank you for this beautiful piece of art. ( Leroy VA. USA)

 We are so delighted with the Ark.  It makes a wonderful exhibit in  our museum!                                            (Christian Arts Museum in Fort Worth, Texas)

Nancy / Scott ---The Ark looks beautiful---Nancy I could not believe how well your art work turned out--and the letters are beautiful-------I can't get over how well you made those letters! (from Walter Springfield, VA)

I just wanted to say, we got our ark.  And it was well received and well loved.  

Thank you  ( from Sheila in NY ) 

WE JUST GOT IT ( Large Ark o the Covenant) ABOUT 10 MINUTES AGO!!!! HE ( Pastor) LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   THANK YOU!   (from Jeanine Dallas TX)

Just wanted to let you know that you guys did a phenomenal job on the Ark. It was presented at the banquet dinner in recognition of our church’s anniversary this past Saturday. Once presented, the Ark drew a lot of admiration as it became the center of attention and numerous photos were snapped as many were in awe of the artwork. Thanks for a job well done, our pastor greatly appreciated it. God bless!   (from Bryon, MD)

Nancy & Scott,  The Ark was delivered today and was just unpacked and set up.

It is awesome! Just like the Jehovah God.

God bless you and your work. May He show His awesome nature through you and in you both endlessly!

Thanks for everything!!   (from Lara, MD)

Just wanted you guys to know that we unpacked it and everyone in the office looked at it and we all love it. You did a great job on it and we appreciate it.   (from Luke, AL)

OMG it looks beautiful!!!

Thank you so much!

We are using the ark every Sunday to present our tithes and it still brings a chill down everyone's spine every time they walk in with it.

God is good!!!  (Becky in NJ)

Hi Nancy,  We presented our Bishop with the Arc, he loved it.   (Johnola, NY)

Ark arrived safely.

All the pastors think it's great, I think they will make it the center piece of the altar.

The Ark will become a powerful stimulus and object of faith and a repository for our prayer requests.

Thank you!  (Don, IN)

Hey Nancy,   We got it!!! I was so excited I ran around the church! Thank you sooo much! I just so happened to have been there when the mailman came. 

Much appreciation, and a hearty thanks.  (JaeLyn, IL)

Nancy,  I received the ark today and it is Awesome   (Linda, AZ)

Dear Nancy,  The Ark arrived safely and it is very nice. Thank you for your fast work.

Best regards,  (Lou, US VI)

Hi Nancy, we just wanted you to know that we received our 1/3 sized mode the other day, what a fantastic piece of art work it is. We love it.   (John,  NY)

The package was waiting for me when I returned home today. I could barely wait for my son to leave, I wanted to see that jewel from Minn. I was not disappointed. It's beautiful, I couldn't ask for anything better.  Thank you for doing this so quickly for me.  I am blessed.  I will be sure to pass the word along to other Lodge brothers and sisters about you.  God bless you and the hands that made this.  (Sharon, WV)

It arrived!  Please thank Scott for us for doing such a wonderful job.  Bryan loves it!! :^)   (Meg  from Arizona. )

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